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The best part is, it’s still in the original shrink wrap.
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LG Electronics VS930 4G
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The best part is, it’s still in the original shrink wrap.

Post from my old job, wherein I described an opening my employer was offering.

If anyone is interested in doing the job I do and moving to Gillette, Wyoming, there’s an opening for apartment manager. Just remember, the job is 75% bullshit, 10% fumbling in the dark, and 20% accounting errors.

I don’t know why, but I’m laughing hard at this. Mostly so I don’t remember how horrifying that whole experience was.

I’m so far behind on my thrifting posts, it’s not even funny. Creating content is hard and I am lazy.

Please enjoy these old posts I made about the idiots I worked with five years ago:

The phone conference has started. The HR manager is the first presenting and she started by explaining how we need to fill out an I-9 for new hires.

When she asked if anyone had questions, this was the first question:

“Is this something we have to fill out for new employees?”


Also, apparently a significant number of people have been claiming ten exemptions on their W4s. They did this because when they were asked to add up the exemptions, they added 1 + 0 = 10.


Now they’re debating whether or not the petty cash can really be considered cash since it’s in a debit card.

They’re concerned about this because they can’t use the cards to get cash because we don’t have PINs. Ergo, it’s not really petty cash.

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