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In class tonight, we noticed someone wrote “SATAN?” on one of the desks. Somewhere out there is a Catholic schoolgirl making a decision.*

This is the same classroom plastered with pictures of the Beatles. Sometimes I wonder what goes on during the day. 

* While my department is waiting for their shiny new building, we get crammed into the high school. It only made the dreams of being trapped back in high school worse.

I love Minecraft. I also have been sucked into the world of Minecraft servers. I have two running upstairs and two others I rent from a host. This weekend, instead of working on my capstone like a better person, I set up server #4, which is for Forge mods. Something went wrong. The world now looks like the above acid trip. 

I decided I could work with it and happily spent a lot of time dicking around before I discovered that the world was also collapsing in on itself. So I left my screen on and watched the sky fall and existence compress into a ball of nothingness.

Then a werewolf ate me.

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